Programa Sembrando

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Family Organic-Orchards

In an area of 3x1.5 m of land in proximity of the household and oriented towards the north, SEMBRANDO teaches the families how to build, saw and cultivate as much as 10 different seeds, provided by the program so they can obtain crops of various products that have mineral and vitamin contents to be included in their daily diet.

The management of the organic orchards permits them to produce and sell the surplus in the nearby markets, as well as to prepare sub-products.

Each family receives an ORGANIC ORCHARD HANDBOOK that teaches how to implement the organic orchard, the planting time for each one of the seeds delivered by the Program, the nutrition components of each one of the products, the benefits that they can obtain from its consumption and how they must be mixed with the food for a better outcome.

Huertos en superficie

Surface Organic-orchards (where the climate conditions makes this possible)

Huertos semi-subterráneo

Semi underground Organic-orchards (in those locations with evening freezing)