Programa Sembrando

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This methodology enables the registering, monitoring and control of objectives, purposes and goals.

SEMBRANDO has formulated the methodology of the Baseline, with the methodological-technique support of PNUD, that enables the establishment of objective that reflect the situation of the productive and social variables that compose the program, and to monitor their behavior during a life-cycle.

Toma de Encuesta

Questionnaire application

The questionnaire applied to each beneficiary family has questions related to its family history and economical history as well as the measurements of size/height, weight and hemoglobin levels for all pregnant women and children less than 5 years of age. This permits the evaluation of the real impact of each intervention.

The questionnaire has nine sections:

  • Housing characteristics
  • Household characteristics
  • Social characteristics of household members
  • Reproductive health
  • Childe health
  • Size/height and weight
  • Characteristics of plots
  • Characteristics of crops
  • Animal breeding
Medición de Talla

Height measurement

Medición de Peso y Hemoglobina

Weight and hemoglobin measurement