Programa Sembrando

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Productive Developement

The poor harvests in the high Andean regions are due to the small size of the allotments, the system of land ownership, the lack of irrigation and the use of genetically exhausted seeds, among other factors.

SEMBRANDO aims to improve the productivity providing the small farmers, knowledge and technology to allow them to grow their own improved seeds. The program seeks to transform an economy based in subsistence and exchange / barter into an economy that generates production surplus, which can be directed towards the market, boosting the local rural economy.

To do so, SEMBRANDO installs every 300 families, a communal plots with technifiyed irrigation, which through training and communal work, will provide the families with the improved seeds for their private use.

Communal Seedbed

Is an instrument that allows the sustainable introduction and multiplication of improved seeds for the major crops in each populated rural center.

Seedbed components:

  1. Reservoir for irrigation water
  2. Water pipeline
  3. Drip irrigation system
  4. Training in seedbed handling
  5. Seeds for the first two years/crops

  1. Reservoir

    Is a reservoir of about 43m3 of capacity, installed in communal land where we previously identify a water source with enough water supplies during the entire year to allow the technifiyed irrigation of the communal plot. The reservoir is excavated directly in the soil and its walls are covered with plastic sheeting (geo-membrane).

  2. Water pipeline

    Is achieved through a 3 inch tube of PVC that transports the water efficiently and without leakage from the reservoir to the irrigation head with a pressure of 15 meters high.

  3. Technifiyed irrigation system

    In order to make the best use of the water, a drip irrigation system is installed. This technology enables the community to produce two harvests from the same land each year, thereby increasing the production and distribution of improved seeds. The system includes the irrigation mains, the distribution pipeline and the irrigation arches.

    Sistema de Riego Tecnificado
  4. Training in hotbed handling

    To ensure the appropriate use of the equipment, the people of the community and mostly the ADS are trained in the installation, use and maintenance of the system.

  5. Seeds for the first two years/crops