Programa Sembrando

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Social Developement

Despite Peru’s recent economic growth, the physical isolation of the rural high Andean people leads to a continued lack of basic health and education services. The limited reach of the government into these areas contributes to vulnerability and economic and social stagnation.

The Sembrando program sees the problem as being brought about by several interlinked factors: extreme poverty, social exclusion, chronic infant malnutrition, maternal mortality and the prevalence of chronic illnesses. For this reason, any viable strategy aimed at overcoming the problems of the high Andean people must address its various causes.

The social development intervention is applied to the families of the village as a whole, including the following components:

  1. Gender Equality
    • Literacy
    • Right to identity
    • School education for girls
  2. Campaign against chronic child malnutrition
    • Healthy household:
      • Improved cookstoves
      • Latrines
    • Improved in hygiene and health habits
    • Improved diets
  3. Training